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catboys? catgirls? hybrids galore!

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kpop hybrids galore!
Hello and welcome! This is khybridfest, the one and only fanfiction prompting fest dedicated to your favorite trope: hybrids.

→ One or both members of a requested pairing can be the hybrid, and prompts are open to any fandom as long as the group or soloist exists in the K-pop industry. Fics do not need to be pairing-based, but can be centered around a specific character.
→ You can prompt for anything you wish for - canon, AR, AU, future, or even PWP - as long as a hybrid is involved in some way.
→ Any rating is welcome: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.
→ Crossovers are more than welcome.
→ Potentially triggering content must be warned for in both prompts and fics! Warnings are required for things such as rape/non-con and dub-con, self-harm, excessive violence, mental disorders, abuse, underage, etc. Remember that consent during situations involving heat cycles can be very a gray area, and should be treated carefully.
All fics must be a minimum of 500 words. Feel free to go well over this minimum, if the inspiration strikes you!

Prompting: March 1 - March 15
Claiming: March 16 - March 31
Posting Begins: June 1
Posting Ends: June 15
Amnesty: June 16 - June 30