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Please thoroughly read the Rules & Guidelines before prompting. Any group/fandom (including crossovers), any rating, any pairing can be prompted.

There is no limit to how many prompts you can post, as long as they are done in the following format:

Name of group(s, if crossover), name of pairing (stage names only), rating (optional)
Prompt (can specify who you want to be the hybrid, general guideline for what the fic should be about as long as it isn't too specific or restrictive)
Do not want: (optional)

Bangtan (BTS)/Topp Dogg, Kidoh/Jin, PG-13+
(AU) Catboy!Jin meets Puppyboy!Kidoh; they grow up together as best friends and eventually become boyfriends, even though catboy/puppyboy couples are unconventional and frowned upon in their world
Do not want: N/A

Girl's Day, Sojin/Yura, R or NC-17
sojin's pet catgirl, ahyoung, is usually calm, collected, and poised. but she's sojin's favorite little kitten when she's not. (sojin is human. femslash porn, pretty please!)
Do not want: dub-con, kinks involving pain

If you have multiple prompts, please keep them to one or two comments. Prompts will be screened and anonymous commenting is on, so feel free to request anything your heart desires! If you have any questions regarding prompting, please do not ask them here; leave them as a comment on the Rules post or PM the mod at seulpeo.

PROMPTING IS NOT YET OPEN: Please come back on March 1st!
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