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Rules & Guidelines

Hello and welcome! This is khybridfest, the one and only fanfiction prompting fest dedicated to your favorite trope: hybrids.

Probably the most common form of hybrids is the catboy or catgirl, in which the character looks like a human (possessing human skin, facial features, body structure) with the exception of cat ears and a tail. Other minor feline features include pointed teeth and claws, or sounds similar to those of a cat such as purring or mewling. The extent of how cat-like a catboy/catgirl acts is entirely up to the author. But, good news - this fest is open to all sorts of hybrids, including but not limited to other animal-boys/girls and wereanimals (ie. werewolves)!

→ One or both members of a requested pairing can be the hybrid, and prompts are open to any fandom as long as the group or soloist exists in the K-pop industry. Fics do not need to be pairing-based, but can be centered around a specific character.
→ You can prompt for anything you wish for - canon, AR, AU, future, or even PWP - as long as a hybrid is involved in some way.
→ Any rating is welcome: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17.
→ Crossovers are more than welcome.
→ Potentially triggering content must be warned for in both prompts and fics! Warnings are required for things such as rape/non-con and dub-con, self-harm, excessive violence, mental disorders, abuse, underage, etc. Remember that consent during situations involving heat cycles can be very a gray area, and should be treated carefully.
All fics must be a minimum of 500 words. Feel free to go well over this minimum, if the inspiration strikes you!

Prompting: March 1 - March 15
Claiming: March 16 - March 31
Posting Begins: June 1
Posting Ends: June 15
Amnesty: June 16 - June 30

Prompting will be done in the comments of a separate post (Prompting). Again, prompts are open to any fandom, any rating, any pairing, including crossovers! Once the time frame for prompting has ended, all prompts will be posted as an index in an entirely new post, to make the Claiming easier. If you prompt, you are not obligated to claim a prompt to write in turn, but giving back is encouraged! Every participants may claim up to three prompts, and each prompt may be claimed twice. If you miss out on the claiming, the Free-for-All period will be available towards the end of the fest for anyone still willing to write for any of the unclaimed prompts - no minimum word count, no limit to how many fics you want to write.

Posting will be done directly to the community by the writer; you will need to join the community to post your fic, and a moderator will approve the fic as soon as possible. Please fill out the header and use the appropriate tags (fandom, pairing, rating). More detailed instructions are available in the Posting Guidelines.

Once your fic has been posted to the khybridfest community, feel free to cross-post it to your own journals and communities.
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