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Posting & Free-for-All (Amnesty)

As previously mentioned, you will need to join the khybridfest fic community in order to post your fics. Every post to the community must have the header filled out completely, and accesses your fic in one of two ways: the fic itself is in the post (for which you must use a lj-cut), or the fic is linked to your personal fic journal or community (Livejournal, Dreamwidth, etc). Again, all fics must be 500 words or longer.

Please tag your post with the appropriate fandom, pairing/member, and rating. In addition, have the following header at the beginning of your post:

Reminder that, once your fic has been posted to the khybridfest community, you may cross-post it to your own journals and communities, as well as other fic communities.

Free-For-All (Amnesty)
The fest may seem to be ending, but it's not yet over! For the last two weeks of the month (for 2014, the remainder of June), all unclaimed prompts are up for grabs - no claiming necessary, just go for it! Fics of any length may be posted to the fic community, and there is no limit to how many prompts you choose to write. Those who claimed previously during the fest may write for more prompts as well, if they wish to do so and the prompts they want have yet to be filled. Everyone is welcome to participate.
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